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Welcome to Project Enhance!

Project Enhance administers two award-winning, community-based health promotion programs for older adults, Enhance®Fitness and  Enhance®Wellness.  Backed by years of solid scientific research, you can find these evidence-based programs at over 500 locations around the country, with more opening every day at facilities in your community, including senior centers, hospitals, assisted living facilities, and continuing-care retirement communities.

This is more a matter of encouragement by staff than pride in myself but totally focusing on changing my eating habits and exercising more has enabled me to make a lifestyle change and lose weight, feel better, and lower my cholesterol and my blood pressure!" - EnhanceWellness Participant
The outstanding success of Project Enhance is its positive participant outcomes. Studies have shown a 72% decrease in hospital days, 35% decrease in use of  psychoactive drugs and 11% decrease in depressive symptoms for EnhanceWellness participants. EnhanceFitness participants have shown a 52% improvement in depressive symptoms and 35% improvement in physical functioning.

In the News!

EnhanceWellness Participant Success Story

“In two months in the EnhanceWellness program, under the weekly guidance of an EnhanceWellness RN, my life has been positively impacted in the following ways.

  • Diet changed to low sodium (under 1500 mg daily) and a generally more healthful diet.
  • Exercise program solidified
  • Stress reduction. Small positive improvements made
  • Blood pressure reduced (without medication) from 160/85 in February 2014 and 165/100 in March 2014 to 136/82 in early April 2014 and 140/78 by late April 2014 with the diastolic number consistently in the low 80’s for last month.
  • Improved vision.  The EnhanceWellness RN confirmed lower BP could do this.  This was such a positive, noticeable thing that it really encouraged me.
  • Much more energy and in general I feel much better.
  • More decisive in my decision making. Less procrastination

I am so encouraged and confident in the program that I know I will stick with it even if my blood pressure gets down to normal which was my original reason [for participating in EnhanceWellness]. “ 

This SHA resident living at Schwabacher House enrolled in the EnhanceWellness (EW) program in March of 2014 and now works closely with a Registered Nurse, to reach his health goals. A high Blood Pressure (BP) reading by his doctor in February 2014 caused this resident to realize it was time to make some health related changes in his life.  Living at Schwabacher House has some advantages, including an EW Nurse on site regularly. From information he saw on building flyers, talking with his neighbors, and seeing Wellness staff on site each week, he realized he could receive support in addressing these goals. He was interested in alternatives to medication that would help him address his high BP. Our EW RN met with the participant to discuss the mechanics of blood pressure, risks associated with high BP, and non-pharmaceutical ways to potentially lower it, including diet, exercise, and stress reduction. The resident enrolled in EW and created a Health Action Plan (HAP), outlining the steps he would take to reach his goal, and problem solving self-identified barriers to success. At the participant’s request, he now meets regularly with the EnhanceWellness RN for blood pressure checks, encouragement and problem solving support. Since enrolling in EW, this participant has shown consistent progress with his goal to lower his BP and reports building confidence that he can make other positive changes in his life. 

EnhanceWellness participants such as the Schwabacher resident highlighted in this story, work in partnership with staff to set their own goals and identify motivating success factors toward those goals.  As a result, participants take charge of increasing their own healthy behaviors and bring their own voices to interactions with other health and social services professionals.  The initial community impact is at the site level, but it holds promises to bring significant broad impact to the low-income senior/disability community in Seattle-King County over time.

EnhanceFitness evaluated in the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Report to Congress 

-In a recent report to Congress, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) described promising evidence suggesting that Senior Services EnhanceFitness Program had driven down total healthcare costs, decreased unplanned hospitalizations, and decreased mortality rates for participating Medicare beneficiaries. For more information, see attached links below-

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