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Enhance Wellness Enroll
To enroll as an organization in the EnhanceWellness network, you must obtain a license from Senior Services (Seattle, WA). The fee for your license covers a turnkey package, which includes the following:
  • Program license agreement
  • Marketing materials for EnhanceWellness participants
  • Three-day training of EnhanceWellness staff
  • WellWare®, a web-based participant management software application, which tracks your participants' enrollment, encounters, and progress in EnhanceWellness, including demographic information, test results, notes, Health Action action Plans, EnhanceWellness updates, administrative and service reports
  • EnhanceWellness Counselor Manual and WellWare User Guide
To obtain an EnhanceWellness license, contact us.
I found the sharing in our Feelings group open and honest. It was a great opportunity to learn for all of us in attendance and for each of us to speak honestly and openly and therefore to feel better about ourselves. - EnhanceWellness Participant
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